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swisstulle AG has been constantly looking for new ideas for more than 100 years with a strong awareness of quality, targeted efficiency and a great spirit of development.

“In the beginning was the idea!”

Customers worldwide place high expectations on us and at the same time place great trust in our performance. Creativity, ambition and flexibility are the basic requirements in order to be successful on the international dynamic markets. Employees from a wide range of business areas, such as development, sales or product management, bring our over 100 years of know-how to each individual project. In addition to our outstanding product quality, we also offer our customers from the market fields of fashion, wig and home textiles expert advice to and from you.

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Our latest innovations

Nets and tulle certified for food contact

Nets and tulle certified for food contactAround 17 tonnes of new packaging waste is generated every year in Germany alone. This is caused by disposable carrier bags and massive online retailing. Pro-environment not only decides what goes into the shopping trolley, but also how it is packaged. Consumers are looking for environmentally friendly nets and bags. Not only in organic or unpackaged food shops, but also more and more in supermarkets, we find reusable net bags in the fruit and vegetable section.

Our reusable food nets are certified according to the European Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 Annex II and Commission Regulation (EC) 2023/2006.

They can be used universally for any fruit or vegetable contact and are highly suitable for transport, for self-filling in the shop and for storage. They offer optimum protection for your food during transport and take up very little storage space when taken to the supermarket unfilled. They are also easy to clean, machine washable and can be reused as often as you like. From the 5th use onwards, it saves CO2 compared to conventional Raschel bag material. The tear-resistant construction makes them easy to make up.

Our nets are currently available in white as standard.

Knitted fabric from NAIA™ by Eastman

Smooth handle, soft flowing drape and brilliant colours are just a few of the benefits of cellulose fibres. Eastman Chemical Company has pioneered the development and manufacture of cellulose yarns for nearly 100 years. The easy care and excellent wearing properties make NAIA™ a must-have for outerwear and lingerie.

The world's thinnest tulle!

Among the latest innovations and after months of development, our invisible tulle was created. With only 8 gr/m², knitted and finished in Switzerland, it offers a unique transparency and excellent physical properties. It can be appropriate in a variety of usings: fashion, embroidery, wigs or curtains.

As piece dyed, it adapts to every skin color and can provide refined insights in an elegant evening dress. As printed, the print seems to merge with the skin and looks like a tattoo. Equally embroiderys such as applied directly to the skin. With Swarovski stones placed, the invisible tulle gives your fashion piece beauty and uniqueness!

As a room devider or a seemingly transparent curtain an appropriate shell without feeling hemmed in. Large, open rooms may be subdivided playfully, but the openness survive. The embroiderys seem to be floating in space. Fluorescent embroiderys make your canopy for a four-poster bed as a sparkling starry sky.

Let us talk personally about joint projects.

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