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As a partner of international textile designers and renowned furniture manufacturers, we offer textiles for the high-quality private living area, as well as for the international contract market.

As a partner of international textile publishers and renowned furniture manufacturers, we offer textiles for high-end private homes as well as for the international contract market.

Swisstulle has extensive experience in knitted and raschel curtains, combined with technical materials for sun blinds and interior anti-glare protection. Our curtain collections are made from a wide range of materials, such as natural fibers (e.g. silk, cotton, linen) and synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester, Trevira CS®).

The offer is aimed at professional interior design with the highest standards of design and quality.
Combined with exciting contemporary design, the end result is a comprehensive range of innovative products. 


Knitted and Raschel curtains

  • Open and closed warp knitted fabrics
  • Net-like structures or opaque warp-knitted fabrics
  • Highly to semi-transparent
  • Natural and synthetic fibers
  • Recycled materials
  • Piece dyed or colorfully knitted
  • Embroidered or printed
  • Up to 300cm width
  • Developments according to customer requirements
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Contract textiles

Flame retardant curtains are widely used today. Whether in public buildings, offices and hotels – modern room concepts, for every style.
We offer fashionable Trevira CS® qualities and thus meet the highest safety standards. All fabrics are characterised by high light fastness, long durability and excellent shape stability.

In addition, we offer the possibility of having coatings (e.g. black-out, pearlescent) applied in cooperation with external partners.
Contract textiles for more safety and a relaxing room atmosphere.

Theater, trade fair and event textiles

Knitted fabrics and tulle are now indispensable on theater and opera stages, in the event sector and stand construction.
For example, heat-resistant bobbinet for lightweight, portable frameworks. Seamless and transparent up to 12m wide, painted as a backdrop or as an effective background for optical illusions.
Through the use of appropriate materials and refinements, we offer flame retardant textiles, according to the prescribed ignition criteria. Furthermore, also pre-treated for digital printing or with acoustic properties.

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Akustik-Gewirke 1


The desire for quietness and comfort is becoming more and more important not only in private life but also at work.

Unpleasant sounds, or noise, in the workplace are increasingly perceived as streddful. In addition to this current design and building trends in the modern architecture, which make it more difficult of appropriate acoustic conditions.

Acpoustic curtains can considerably redue resonance and they are true noise absorber.

Glare Protection

Warp knitted fabrics stand out from the woven qualities used on the market with a high level of quality and design. Our perforated knitted fabrics offer excellent privacy and glare protection due to different hole shapes, arrangement and sizes. Furthermore, a sufficient degree of visibility to the outside is guaranteed. Different stripe arrangements offer further design potential: Degradés/Ombrés and the alternation with different stripe widths within a pattern repeat. By selecting flame retardant and durable materials, they meet the specific requirements of the market. Depending on the customer’s requirements, our knitted fabrics are available in rolls or ready-made cuts.

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Objekttextilien 1


For the production of ready-made curtains and drapes we offer a confection service from our curtain factory.

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