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Thanks to intelligent chemical management with the latest dosing and control units, the wastewater generated in the dyeing and refining process can be added to the normal wastewater.

The upgrade of efficient heat exchangers allows the optimal use of our waste heat through the recovery from production processes, which are implemented with secondary energy.


Swisstulle has been participating in PET recycling for 2 years and collected 129kg in 2019 and 150kg in 2020. This corresponds to a total of around 10,128 bottles, which could be recycled.

Active reduction of CO2

In cooperation with the Office of Environment and Energy swisstulle AG participates in the program of the Energy Agency for Industry to actively reduce CO2 emissions and to optimize energy efficiency. The targets for the period 2013-2020 have already been exceeded and, since 2018, the CO2 emission is already 25% cleaner than the targeted objective.

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