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The history of swisstulle AG

More than 100 years of experience have made us what we are today: one of the continental market leaders for traditional genuine bobbinet tulle and technical knitted fabrics. At the eurocentric location in Switzerland, we develop and produce innovative, high-quality knitted fabrics and tulle for our customers worldwide. In addition to our manufacturing know-how and a high level of development expertise, we have great innovative strength. Highest quality, reliable delivery and absolute customer satisfaction are among the characteristic features of our company. With our technical textiles, e.g. in the sun protection sector, we meet the highest demands from the automotive industry. In doing so, we play a key role in ensuring that our customers are successful with their products.

The foundation of the swisstulle AG (formerly Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Tüllindustrie AG) on 21.12.1912 goes back to the heyday of the embroidery industry. The source of the large demand of tulle, at that time, was almost exclusively from abroad. The impetus to make tulle in Switzerland, however, came not from the embroidery industry but from a shrewd market observer. After some quarrels with the authorities (prohibition of night work) the production started at the current location in 1913. Today’s combination of tulle production with the refinement/ finishing process (washing, fixing, dyeing, equip) dates also back to the foundation of the company.

Milestones & History

2018:     Acquisition of an electronic double-bar raschel machine for                        spacer fabrics

2017:     Digitization / networking Machinery Energy data recording

2016:     Conversion of one of our thermal plants to reduce CO2                                 emissions

2013:     100 years swisstulle AG

2009:     Expansion of swisstulle (Qingdao) for technical textiles

2006:     Introduction environmental management system ISO 14001:                      2004

2006:     2nd place – Business Award Eastern Switzerland 2006

2004:     Foundation of swisstulle (Qingdao) Ldt.

2003:     Conversion ISO 9001 to process-oriented according to ISO 9001:                 2000

2002:     Name change in swisstulle AG

2001:     over CHF 3 million extraordinary investment in tentering frames

1997:     Initial certification ISO 9001

1993:     Merging of the Bobinet Weavers of CH & UK

1984:     Buy the Small & Tidmas plc. (today swisstulle UK plc.)

1982:     One hundred percent takeover of the curtain factory

1975:     Start production of technical textiles

1967:     Buy 50% shares of the curtain factory

1923 -86:   various extensions

1956:     Commissioning Knitting

1913:     Production recording Bobinettülle

1912:     Foundation of the Swiss Society for Tull Industry AG

Guiding principle of swisstulle AG

Swisstulle AG develops and produces knitted fabrics and refines its own and third-party products for the international industrial textile market. With our products and services we want to become pioneers of textile applications of the future that have yet not been achieved. Our organization takes the highest quality into account in all our business decisions. The focus of our daily activities is sustainability and the associated value cycle.

Our mission statement is divided into the following areas:

  • Performance goals – slim & efficient
  • Market goals – leading & unique
  • Potential – innovative & solution-oriented
  • Employees – competent and committed
  • Environment and society – clean and local
  • Leadership style – cooperative & responsible
  • Information flow – direct & targeted
  • Partner – trustworthy & fair
  • Earning goals – profitable & sustainable
  • Communication – open and objective

Our production


In our machine park with 31 knitting machines we produce tulle, warp knitted fabrics and spacer fabrics in different widths, thicknesses and materialities. In addition to the comprehensive possibility to produce warp knitted fabrics, we are able to warp independently. In our warpery there are 2 machines for the production of different sectional warp beams.

On our warp knitting machines we produce mainly technical textiles for the automotive and transport industry. Among them are hard-wearing nets, as well as sun and privacy protection textiles.

Our Raschel knitting machines allow us to knit long and varied pattern repeats at high speed due to the electronic pattern drives. We manufacture these tulles for fashion as well as object and theatrical use.

The electronic double-bar Raschel knitting machine for spacer fabrics enables us to produce spacer fabrics from 2mm up to 12mm thickness in addition to the above-mentioned warp-knitted fabrics.

We process monofilament, multifilament as well as staple and spun fiber yarns in the fineness from 8 to 15’000 dtex in our in-house knitting mill. From elastic to stiff, from open to closed: we are ready to tackle any challenge thanks to our extensive machinery.

Knitting machinery

  • 10 warp knitting machines – 330cm to 553cm width
  • 5 RSE knitting machines – 381cm to 430cm width
  • 15 Raschel machines – 320cm to 482cm width
  • 1 double bar spacer raschel machine – until 330cm width


The real bobbinet tulle is a woven fabric, although it resembles a knitted fabric in its hexagonal hole shape. Its dimensional stability is incomparable. Using spun, high-quality natural yarns or synthetic filament yarns opens up many possibilities in a market that is becoming increasingly specialized. Bobinet Tulle is produced exclusively by swisstulle UK plc in England, the largest and oldest manufacturing facility in the world in this specialty.

Our net lace is produced in the Swiss factory. The fineness, quality and transparency are comply with our customers needs in terms of materials and design. Our products are exclusively processed.


Todays textiles not only look good and feel good, swisstulle AG also gives them additional features and functions. With our wide range of mechanical and chemical equipment, we provide modern and innovative materials. We guarantee with confidence specified requirements and refine them to durable and high quality products.

Thanks to our modern machinery and the many years of experience of our employees, we give your textiles character.

Pretreatment (washing/bleaching/ brightening)

  • Jigger (180 – 440 cm)
  • Washfields (90 – 320 cm)
  • Foulards (90 – 500 cm)

Fixing / Dressing

  • 2 Tenter (90 – 500 cm)
  • Hand tenter (500 – 1200 cm)


18 dyeing machines:

  • Jigger (180 – 440 cm) qualities in Co, PA, PES
  • Haspel-Kufen (90 – 1200 cm) qualities in Co, PA, PES
  • HT-Jet (90 – 1200 cm) qualities in PES and PA
  • HT-Baum (90 – 450 cm) qualities in PES and PA

Our subsidiaries


Founded in 2004 by swisstulle AG in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. The production site with 30 employees includes warping and knitting factory and a tentering/ stentering?? frame. Dyeing takes place with an external partner in the Qingdao region.

In China, swisstulle only/exclusively produces knitted fabrics for the Asian market in the automotive and fashion sectors.


Joined swisstulle AG in 1984 and sole production site for Bobinet tulle since 1993. With 40 bobbinet machines and 60 employees swisstulle UK Ltd. is one of the largest bobbinet productions worldwide. At the Chard site in southern England, only genuine bobbinet tulle are produced in widths up to 17m. Natural (e.g., silk, cotton) and synthetic fibers (e.g., PES, PA, PP) are processed. The refining takes place at the headquarters in Münchwilen and is sold to customers worldwide.

Curtain factory Switzerland

Since 1982 complete integration with swisstulle AG.

A highly qualified atelier with 30 employees that meets the requirements of retailers and contractors.

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swisstulle AG, Weinfelderstrasse 66, CH-9542 Münchwilen

+41 (0) 71 969 32 32