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Todays textiles not only look good and feel good, swisstulle AG also gives them additional features and functions.

Todays textiles not only look good and feel good, swisstulle AG also gives them additional features and functions. With our wide range of mechanical and chemical equipment, we provide modern and innovative materials. Wir garantieren zuverlässig die spezifizierten Anforderungen und veredeln zu strapazierfähigen und hochwertigen Produkten.

Thanks to our modern machinery and the many years of experience of our employees, we give your textiles character.


Pretreatement (Washing/bleaching/lightening)

  • Jigger (180 – 440 cm)
  • washing fields (90 – 320 cm)
  • Foulards (90 – 500 cm)

Fixing / Dressing

  • 2 Tenter (90 – 500 cm)
  • Hand tenter (500 – 1200 cm)
Commission finishing 1
Dyeing 1


18 dyeing machines:

  • Jigger (180 – 440 cm) qualities in Co, PA, PES
  • Swift vats (90 – 1200 cm) qualities in Co, PA, PES
  • HT-Jet (90 – 1200 cm) qualities in PES and PA
  • HT tree (90 – 450 cm) qualities in PES and PA

We also offer special colors, such as Warning colors to EN 471 in bright yellow, bright orange, bright red. At the individual customer’s request, their fabrics and their properties can be further improved e.g. optimization of grip, appearance, washing and shrinkage values.

Hand stenter frame

Textiles in widths of up to 1200cm are at swisstulle AG still stretched and dried by hand. The refining process on hand tenter frames in widths of 800-1200cm is unique and there is no comparable technical solution. Both natural and synthetic materials can be processed. At least 8 people, many years of experience and sensitivity are needed to stretch straight in such wide latitudes. Synthetic fibers up to 800 cm of width are fixed to the hydrofixing system before dyeing for mass stabilization. After dyeing and finishing, the hand tenter frame is stretched to the desired size and, depending on the quality, it takes 30 minutes to 3 hours to dry. The drying is done by hot air, which comes from the heat recovery of the running frame.

Hand stenter frame 1

Quality management

In our in-house laboratories (not accredited) we can offer you a variety of tests according to a given standard.
Physical laboratory, such as: tear resistance, maximum tensile strength, bending stiffness, embroidery test, bursting pressure, rubbing fastness, burning tests, etc.
Refining laboratory such as: lab dipping in DIN A4, finishing settings, recipe management

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