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With the high quality of our knitted qualities, we offer you modern solutions for the latest trend fabrics.

«swisstulle is dressing you!»

…….whether under or over…..whether custom-made or off the peg…..whether elegant evening robe or fashionable casual wear……

Swisstulle develops and produces knitted fabrics for the clothing industry in its own production facilities in Switzerland, England and China. With the high quality of our knitted qualities, we offer you modern solutions for the latest trends.

We offer you:

  • Genuine bobbinet made of silk, cotton and synthetic fibres
  • knitted fabrics, elastic and inelastic 
  • Power-Net, elastic with supporting effect
  • fantasy tulle, voile and charmeuse qualities
  • Stock collections in standard colours: raw fixed, white, black
  • dyeing according to customer specifications
  • developments according to customer requests

Haute Couture

Whether evening gowns with opulent embroidery, wedding- and prom-dresses with airy tulle skirts. Knitted tulle made of luxurious materials and extraordinary designs give the tailor-made fashion creations of renowned haute couture houses that particular extra.

Our “invisible tulle” with only 8 gr/m², manufactured and finished in Switzerland, offers a unique transparency and excellent physical properties. As piece dyers, it adapts to any skin colour and can provide sophisticated insights in an elegant evening dress. It seems to melt into the skin and embroideries appear as if applied directly to the skin.


Knitted embroidery bases form the basis for modern and classical embroidery, from which luxurious and innovative fashion is made. Whether bobbinet tulle made of silk or cotton, knitted fantasy tulle made of high-grade materials and highly transparent qualities.

Light, elegant and transparent and meet the high technical requirements of the embroidery industry.


Our wide product portfolio: from ultra-light to highly elastic tulle, from closed to functional voile and charmeuse qualities. They are the first choice for the production of womenswear and light menswear and can be processed efficiently. Our knitted fabrics made from different base materials offer you innovative solutions for your collections.

Leisure Wear

From casual daywear to athleisure wear.  Our comfortable to highly elastic knitted fabrics flatters your body and give your garments the right fit. Natural materials like cotton, viscose or silk complete the feel-good effect. Furthermore, our large selection of meshes as lining or mesh insert offers the perfect complement to your garments.


Lingerie is more than a simple underwear, but seductive luxury for the modern and active woman of today. Our exclusive and refined knitted fabrics, combined with precious embroidery and lace create a dreamlike look. A large selection of bobbinet and transparent knitted tulle, elastic or stiff, in a variety of material combinations complete the product portfolio. At the same time, these high-quality grades are also used unembroidered by our customers worldwide in their finished parts.


Our pleasant and comfortable knitted fabrics made of modern synthetic fibres or ecologically sustainable materials, such as rec. polyester or biodegradable polyamide. The perfect qualities for your BASIC series up to active/sport and athleisure styles.

Highly elastic power-nets for shapewear collections or as an insert for posture-correcting underwear.

As a speciality we offer EMC Power-Nets with shielding performance. A blend of silver-coated polyamide and Lycra shields 99.9% of radiation with an attenuation intensity of 57dB.

Tulle from environmental fibres

Nearly 50% of the world’s clothing is made of polyester and this percentage will increase in the coming years. We are facing the challenge to produce our knitted fabrics more and more from sustainable materials instead of the conventional man-made fibers. 

Our new range of knitted tulle and power nets are knitted from recycled polyester or polyamide. They are targeted at lingerie and underwear manufacturers and create the basis for classic or modern embroidery. At the same time, they can also be used unembroidered in lingerie pieces, combined with other textiles. The different qualities are not only pleasant to the touch, but also meet the high technical requirements of embroidery and apparel manufacturers.

The quality of the recycled fibers is in no way lower than the properties of virgin polyester or polyamide yarns. We have developed a range of 7 qualities in different weights, hole sizes and designs. The articles made of rec. PES include a fantasy tulle, a classic and closed knit tulle. From rec. PA we offer power nets with an ~20% elastane content, also recycled from the ROCIA™ brand. All recycled yarns are certified according to the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). We are able to offer customer colours dyed in our own dye house. We also offer a knitted tulle made of Amni Soul Eco®, the first biodegradable polyamide. According to the manufacturer, this material is biodegraded within 3 years (based on ASTM D5511).


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