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Eight million tons of plastic waste land in the world’s oceans every year, and huge piles of garbage drift in the Pacific.
Worldwide, this waste is collected by various organisations and processed in
recycling plants.

The PET bottles, for example, are cleaned, then shredded and the resulting
chips are again processed into new yarns. From approx. 8PET bottles you will get approx. 1kg yarn. Lower CO2 emissions, reduced oil consumption and a lower waste volume in the production of conventional man-made fibers – this protects the environment and saves resources.
On the one hand, our spouts come from reprocessed PET bottles from Italy and
Switzerland. The yarns were Certified according to the GRS standard.
In addition, we use regen®, a material originating from Korea, which has been
certified as an Eco Mark Product by the Japan Environment Association and the
Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

Different qualities and colors are available, please contact our sales department for prices, minimum quantities and samples.