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In the context of the “House of Textile” competition, the Association of the
German Home Textile Industry asked the question:
How do we want to live in the future? How will we design our homes, offices, stores or hotels in 2025? Will these rooms still exist in the future?
How much soft goods experience will there be in the future? What role will home textiles play and what functions can they take on?
The student Magdalena Orland has addressed these questions and submitted an impressive master’s thesis for the competition.
As part of the MOOSAROS project, an attempt was made to develop a printing paste made of moss that “grows” on various grommets in our collection and can thus be used as a shower curtain in the bathroom.
Magdalena Orland was judged by a top-class jury and chosen as the winner out of numerous entries.
You can find more information at www.magdalena-orland.de/start/moosaros