swisstulle Ltd. is since more than 35 years an important participant in the technical textiles market as a producer of knitting fabrics, as well as a specialist in various finishing processes.

Our strengths are developments based on customer requests and the versatility of our offer. We are vertically organised and through the integration of each single working process like:
yarn preparation, knitting, dyeing and specialized finishing and therefore we are in a position to offer you a wide range of high quality products. Our products are free of any harmful substances and are corresponding to all known requested norms and directives such as REACH. Our main production is based on nature, synthetic and high tech fibres.

In each department well educated and specialized staff are at your disposal in order to realize your specific requirements and specifications. Due to the deep connections between production, product management and sales we are able to fulfill customer requests just in time as well as just in quality. Quality and flexibility in our production and logistic are our main focuses.

Market sectors

Automotive, rail, aviation

  • sunshade material for the automotive- and rail-industry
  • safety nets
  • nets for seats and door bags
  • tube reinforcement
  • new possibilities for luggage compartment covers

Medical sector

  • textiles for implants
  • nets for hospital beds
  • new possibilities for blood filtration

Construction sector

  • joint-sealing tapes
  • erosion protection nets
    side blinds on the highway
    construction and geo textiles


  • special applications as per customer requests
  • electro-magnetic shielding textiles in regard of high-frequent radiance
  • conductible textiles
  • carpet base
  • filtration nets
  • textiles for the military sector
  • reinforcement nets
  • protection and security textiles
  • textiles for safety wear EN 471